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Neteller is one of the top payment options in the online gambling industry today. In the recent past there were no options besides your ordinary credit cards, until that became a problem online. Some casinos will not accept your credit card to purchase credits because some banks in the United States will not approve the transactions, which is why the credit card alternatives came about. Neteller is one of the biggest alternatives available to online gamblers today, because of the ease of use and the convenience for players. They offer their clients a secure online funds transfer service, it is always confidential and safe to use.

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As of now there is a user base of more than 2 million people worldwide, and that number grows each day. Including online casinos over 1700 online merchants accept payments through this system, because it is easy for you and easy for them, so easy that over $3.4 billion worth of transactions were processed in 2004 alone. This company opened their doors in 1999 and since then they have been moving themselves to the top of the list in online payment options. Its very simple to sign up for this service, there is no credit card needed and once a member you can start transferring funds very quickly. One of the first things people want to do when they get this service is validate their bank account, so funds can go through immediately. When you do use this service you have access to a transaction history on the Neteller site so you can keep track of what you have going out and coming in, its just like a bank statement. With all of the positive aspects of the Neteller service there is no question why millions of people choose this as their credit card alternative payment option each day.